Exclusive ditribution for EPS sensors

Exclusive ditribution for EPS sensors

We are proud to accounce the renewal of global exclusive agreement of distribution with TT Electronics group for all steering and angle sensors.

The contract features exclusive distribution rights worldwide in the automotive aftermarket. Therefore, ORPAV is the only company authorized to supply, among others, torque sensors for EPS globally.

We are confident that this signficant investment may guarantee the fulfillment of top targets in quality and safety in the field, with consistent efforts and commitment by our company as unique partner worldwide.

We remind that genuine steering sensors are provided with barcode: it represents the only way to identify original products, as well as the unique identifier for production tracking. As sensors are used in a vital safety functionality, we strongly invite all remanufacturing companies to distrust counterfeit products, which do not ensure any quality standard and, therefore, they are potentially dangerous.

Torque sensors with

Torque sensors with flat belt and
cripped cables

Torque sensors with cable - Description

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Cables for rack sensors

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