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Vinci professional test benches

Vinci professional test benches

Vinci and EPS diagnosis

Replying to a strong demand of the market, where vehicles with EPS are constantly increasing, we released a range of professional tools for diagnosis and simulation. «Vinci» is an innovative patented test bench that enables to test EPS-C (electric column), EPS-P (electric pump) and EPS-R (electric rack) before and after repair process. This system, controlled by a computer, allows simulation of several driving conditions with different speeds and loads, while the fully automatic version of the bench makes a completely motorized test sequence.

«Vinci» are released as stand-alone independent machines, as well as modules, controlled by a control pulpit; they are equipped with a wide range of car model data, and an advanced remote assistance system allows to periodically update model list od supply further custom support.

Our engineers are available for professional classes on test benches at our R&D headquarters in Ternate (Varese, Italy). We strongly invite you to read the following pages, where you can find further details on «Vinci» versions and features.

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