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As a response to a strong market demand, where vehicles with electric power steering (EPS) are constantly increasing, we have created a series of professional tools for their diagnosis and simulation.

"Vinci" is a line of innovative test benches that allow to check electric pumps EPS-P, electric power steering columns EPS-C and electric power steering racks EPS-R.

The system, controlled by a computer, gives the possibility to test in automatic or manual mode. It is possible to simulate different driving conditions with various speeds and loads. The test reports are saved in the computer and can be consulted and printed if necessary.

"Vinci" are available either as stand-alone benches or as modules controlled by a single central computer. They are supplied with data from a wide range of car models, and the advanced remote assistance system allows you to periodically update the software or provide customized support.

Our technicians are available for professional training sessions on the use of the benches at our research & development center in Ternate (Varese, Italy). We invite you to read the following pages, where all possible uses of the "Vinci" versions are explained.

Vinci and EPS diagnosis