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Dear clients and friends,

As many of you know, the Emmetec group is involved in many projects in addition to its core business in the automotive field; other corporate departments look after matters including, but not limited to, personal safety, protective equipment, support to local Made in Italy craftsmanship, and above all promotion of activities in matter of eco sustainability.

Key aspects, that everyone is sensitive to, like sustainability and circular economy, are getting increasing importance not only as they are essential for the global balance of resources in medium to long term, but also as an extraordinary tool for productivity and corporate profitability. The commitment of the Emmetec group on this matter is promoted by the Euro Eco Energy division.

In addition to the important support activity for European regulatory production, Euro Eco Energy also deals with concrete issues of interest for remanufacturing operators, according to broad guidelines that can be summarized in 4 key milestones:

  • Safety: a correct repair of an original product results in a product of high quality and equivalent to the original, certainly superior to imitations of the new one produced in countries outside the European Union;
  • Job and employment: the opportunity to repair generates an extraordinary improvement in terms of qualified and local labor, with the effect of strengthening the European productive infrastructure;
  • Productivity: Euro Eco Energy carries out information and awareness activities among European legislators about the opportunities for regulatory simplification, in favor of safe processes but not burdened by excessive bureaucratic constraints;
  • Ecology: the repair of a component significantly reduces the environmental impact, pursuing in its most complete form the principle of circular economy.

As evidence of a commitment of years, we are proud to announce that our President, Davide Maraffino, will attend the Saint Vincent Conference scheduled for this weekend, where several top-level European politicians will discuss the issues of the circular economy, also in relation to the Encyclical of His Holiness Pope Francis «Laudato Si'» which dedicates much space to the theme of environment.

The in-depth legislative proposals are based, among others, on the Resolution of the European Parliament of 13 September 2018 on the subject of Circular Economy, approved by a very large majority by all the main continental political groups.

We thank you for your interest and invite you to contact us for any further information or if you wish to join this important research and promotion of European eco-sustainability.

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