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V-04040 / V-04039 Interfaces for TRW pump on Koyo/HPI power steering

These interface modules allow use of a TRW pump on Koyo / HPI hydraulic pump with its own sensor, on models of: Volkswagen Polo 9N, Seat Ibiza 6L, Audi A1 and Skoda Fabia 6Y. With small changes to the hydraulic connections, you will be able to restore the power steering without the needing to replacing the entire hydraulic system. The module is transparent to the pump and the car, requiring no additional configuration, just the classic encoding trough the diagnostic tool, of the TRW pump you are going to install.

V-04040 mounting: Easy and intuitive, the mounting uses the original Koyo / HPI sensor plug connected to its body of the module itself. The outgoing cable is wired with the original TRW plug to connect to the pump. On the body of the module there are two slots which allow the use of screws or clamps to secure it in a suitable position.

V-04039 mounting: Mounting requires modification of the original wiring, cutting and welding the cable from the sensor on the rack and making a wiring to connect the module to the TRW pump, as example using our cables (Z-19624, Z-19625, Z- 19632, Z-19633, Z-19636-40) and connector W-06061 with terminals (3pz) W-6540. You will then have to make a box or other type of insulation to prevent the board from coming into contact with the metal parts of the engine compartment and with water, eg sprayed by the wheels when driving on wet ground.

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