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BMW Mini R50 - R52 - R53 - Spare parts list

Spare parts list:

V-04029 - Electronic module
The exchange of the complete electronic module with an equivalent spare part, allows a quick and easy repair. We recommend to check / change always together with the electronic module the brush holder (V-04024), the brushes V-03007 / V-03007A) and the rotor (T-00013 o T-00013A).

V-04024 – Brush holder plate with 4 brushes
One of the components which are subject to normal wear is the brushes. Using our brush holder plate the changing is quick and easy. We recommend changing the rotor (T-00013 o T-00013A) as well.

V-03007 / V-03007A - Brush (carbon)
Spare brushes for an economic repair. Mounting these brushes to the original brush holder plate you can receive original functionality. We recommend using new springs (V-03008) and rotor (T-00013 o T-00013A) as well.

T-00013 / T-00013A – Rotor
Another component which is subject to wear is the Rotor. The thickness of copper on the commutator wears from the contact with the brushes. It may seem to be still quite good, but the hours of work require tribute. We recommend changing the brushes (V-04024 o V-03007 / V-03007A) together with the rotor.

V-04038 – Control circuit board
In case of a total defect or particular function problems, you should change the complete circuit board against our equal spare. Our board provides the same functionality as the original board. Please always check first MOSFET and other electronic parts.

V-04037 – Ground plate
You can change the ground plate in case of mechanical / structural defects or bad conditions. It’s possible to mount all other components from the original plate to the new plate.

W-05018 - MOSFET
Quite often, the MOSFET fail with an internal short circuit on pumps with a lot of working hours. A repair can be done by changing these components. Please check always the circuit board and the other electric components as well.

W-06045A and W-06045M – Connector repair-kit
In case a broken connector is the only defect of the pump, our repair kit is a very economic solution. You can recreate the original form and seat for the connector seal and locking.

V-04035 – Filtering circuit board
Corrosion on the circuit board can be cause by humidity entering through broken or connectors or old seals. This circuit board filters the electric power supply. By changing this you can receive the original functionality.

W-05237 - Diode
This component may get damaged by a worn out rotor. The diode protects the electronic against tension peaks. If you find a short circuit on the pump, it could be cause by this diode.

V-03008 – Brush springs
The correct pressure from the brushes to the commutator is reached by these springs. If the pressure is too low, there will be a bad contact, sparks and high brush consume. We recommend to change the springs on every repair and always together if changing if using new brushes or a new rotor.

All those and more spares for the original circuit board can be found in our catalogue. Under: W-S0050 (page 272, catalogue 2016) (online:

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