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Last stock for complete guide boxes and spare rods

Dear Clients, Business Partners,
we remember you that we will soon remove complete guide boxes and spare rods from our catalogue.

We will run out of stock and will not restock.

We will be happy to collect your orders for the remaining quantities in stock, while stocks last. Orders will be evaluated based on first-come, first-served.
We remain at your disposal

22X901 Fiat-Iveco Veicoli commerciali OM 50 7340 955 134 ==> 29 items available
22X902 Scatola guida Fiat Iveco OM 60 ==> 9 items available
23X903 Ford Transit tipo corto, mm.40 ==> 43 items available
23X904 Ford Transit tipo lungo, mm 1.050 ==> 15 items available
23X907 Scatola Meccanica Ford F150 del 1974, Ford Bronco 1997, Ford E-100 Econoline 83, Ford E-150 Econoline 84-85, Ford E-250/350 Econoline 83-85, Ford F-150 83-86, Ford F-250/F350 83-84 ==> 5 items available
30X902 Scatola Sterzo a settore Lada 2010 asta 52,8 mm ==> 1 item available
23X900 Asta Ford Transit tipo lungo mm.1050, da abbinare cuscinetto in acciaio ==> 56 items available
23X901 Asta Ford Transit tipo medio in acciaio,mm.230 ==> 150 items available
23X906 Asta Ford Transit ultimo tipo corto, mm. 100 ==> 24 items available

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