Fire Antigen


Fire Antigen is the most advanced result of an innovative and unprecedented technology, who is often named instant extinguisher.

What is Fire Antigen?

The instant extinguisher is an innovative product with unique features among fire fighting technologies. It is made of a small plastic box, containing a little tank of flame-retardant liquid and a small self-triggering mechanism which, in case of fires, suddenly spreads the special solution.

Why is it so important?

Fire Antigen reverses the functional philosophy of traditional fire fighting solutions; while classic extinguishers are developed in order to treat fire when it has raised, and consequently is it already dangerous for human beings, instant extinguishers work earlier, that is to say when flames are still beginning to increase, avoiding any further damages to people and things.

  • automatic: when a fire raise, Fire Antigen activates automatically without any human intervention, working in a moment directly over the so-called "fire triangle": 1. it creates an oxygen-less cloud, that cuts off the combustive agent; 2. a great part of the fuel is scattered away from the fire core; 3. it suddenly damps and leaves a retardant film that avoids a fire reactivation;
  • not electronic: Fire Antigen does not contain any electronic parts or components, therefore it is affordable and always works properly, even in hardest conditions;
  • safe and long lasting: is does not require any specific care for stocking, it is guaranteed for 5 years and doesn’t need maintenance;
  • life saver: in case a fire has already raised, Fire Antigen is a must-have equipment to track a safe way out among flames, increasing by than double the chances to save the people involved in the fire.

Safety in houses and private environments

Fire Antigen represents an important step forward in protection against fires in house. The World Health Organization reports alarming data about mortality due to fires in house, estimating about 1.5 million victims every year and identifying children and seniors as most affected.

Now it is sufficient to place Fire Antigen in the areas where there is a potential risk or burn, like kitchens and outlet boxes, to avoid domestic fires and give an important contribute to everyone’s safety.

Safety in buildings and residential areas

Fire Antigen acts automatically and suddenly when a fire raise, and this makes instant extinguishers a vital support inside non-protected, unattended common areas of buildings.

The highest risk of fire in a building is commonly determined by centralized boilers and heaters, lift rooms, or also areas close to gas and electricity connections; such places are normally 100% unattended and not visited by anyone, so it is very difficult to notice and prevent malfunctions: the consequence is that in case of fire people can understand the risk when flames are already very intense and it’s too late to avoid disasters and very dangerous situations.

Safety in industrial and production environments

Fire Antigen is a must-have product to put in safety industrial and warehousing areas, because is allows to quickly cut off fire even before it begins raising, reducing dramatically damages to humans and things.

The instant extinguisher can be also installed into places that cannot be normally reached, and may be improved with smoke or heat sensors, so that Fire Antigen can turn off fires even before flames appear.

Instant extinguishers are also an outstanding solution for fire fighting when fires have already raised, since their special fire-retardant formulas help to limit oxygen and refresh the surronding area.

Safety into offices and server rooms

All the most important countries worldwide are strenghtening minimum mandatory safety measures in job places, where still nowadays occur the majority of deaths for accidental causes.
Fires are definitely among the most important risk scenarios, but not rarely it is not possible to install very complex firefighting infrastructures into every room.

Fire Antigen is the solution, because its special powder-based dielectric formula cuts off fire suddenly without conducting electricity; in addition, the product can be enhanced with smoke or heat sensors that advance the action even before flames appear.

Fire Antigen ensures a totally automatic and fast control of fire that may save lifes and company information whose value is potentially incalculable.

Safety for professional transporters

Truck loads are among the most dangerous elements that may cause a fire on a heavy vehicle; but also bad pneumatic tyres, short circuits, various accidents can truly represent a threat for professionals of transport.

In addition, when a fire raise inside these vehicles, nothing can be done concretely to treat fire and truckload is often irrevocably destroyed.

Fire Antigen is the product that can help preventing such disasters and risks for human beings: it can be safely placed with truckload, in case of fire it activates automatically, releasing a special flame-retardant formula that cuts off fire, refreshes the area and leaves a film that avoids flame reactivation.

Fire Antigen can be also used to attack fire directly in addition to traditional extinguishers.

Safety for cars and caravans

Fires that occur while we are inside a car or a caravan are definitely among the most dangerous for people; this because at the same time we are in a very narrow place and, in almost 100% cases, we do not have any fire fighting product to use immediately.

Fire Antigen does its best in these kinds of situations, because it acts suddenly turning off fire at the beginning; in addition, its special polyvalent formula is perfect to treat all main fire types, so it is very efficient with all hydrocarbon-based products, as well as wood or rubber.

Fire Antigen is also a must-have equipment to prevent forest fires, that often grow up close to caravan camps especially since not rarely they miss any fire fighting measures.

Use precautions

Fire Antigen is a safe tool; we reccomend to observe the following use precautions to maintain product integrity and ensure everyone's safety.

  • Do not manipulate or activate manually
  • Always keep a safety minimum distance of 1m
  • During activation the product creates high noise and may project slivers
  • Do not throw in direction of liquid combustibles
  • Keep away from children
  • Store the product in a fresh and dry place
  • Read carefully manufacturer’s istructions

For further information, our technical support is always at your complete disposal. In the Contact us area you can find all the ways to keep in touch with us.

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