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Emmetec has been leader in the shock absorbers spares field for more than 70 years. Thanks also to the technical contribution of consultants of international reputation, we use the best materials and the latest technology to supply a complete range of external and internal components to our customers, always reaching the highest possible operational results. In this technical catalogue are included standard products as well as for competitions, offering a unique and practical solution for overhauling any kind of shock absorber. In addition, we have also extended the already wide range of ready-to-use kits for both internal and external tuning, working respectively with compression features and advanced tuning systems.

Most of our catalogue is dedicated to the hydraulic shock absorbers McPherson, which are composed by an internal cylinder and an external tank. The Emmetec pressurizer, model PR 93-100® can be used for gas loading.

Special attention is given to the mono-tube shock absorbers (usually called “gas shock absorbers”) which are composed of a unique cylinder that works like the internal one, and the outside tank. These can be overhauled or improved, thanks to the special set of tools we produce (including our professional repair machine MANGUSTA), which will enable you to open and close the shock absorber using a quick, simple and overall safe system. We complete our offer with the essential equipment for the checking and the final inspection of the shock absorber, once the technician has completed the modifications. Today, with great satisfaction of all our staff, this testing equipment is the undisputed reference point in the market: its name is PRECISA. It’s an electronic test bench, sold now for more than 35 years all over the World, which enables to test every kind of shock absorber for motor vehicles, lorries, motorbikes or for special applications.

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