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Tools and utilities for shock absorbers

shock absorbers

  • Dies
  • Reduction cones and removers
  • Screw-taps and centering devices
  • Flanging tools for lathe
  • Spindles tempered with three rollers
  • Tool to cut/center shock absorbers on lathe
  • Magnets
  • Universal assembling tool for seals
  • Kit for repairing and overhauling
  • Assembling tool in steel for seals
  • Assembling tools for rings in P.T.F.E.
  • Gas pressurizer «Bottom»
  • Tools for gas pressurization
  • Pressurizers for gas shock absorbers
  • Shock absorber tube cutters
  • «Stand-by» storage system
  • Consumable materials and technical suits
  • Catalogues and multimedia
  • Professional automotive glue
  • Removers for cartridge bushings - mono-tube shock absorbers
  • Cutting discs
  • Spanners and pins
  • Tools for bar concentricity check
  • Work benches in stainless steel
  • Universal vices
  • Hooks for tables in stainless steel
  • Measurers for o-rings and piston rings
  • Pneumatic presses for spring disassembling
  • Digital spring testers
  • Presses to assemble piston rings
  • Wireless recording tool
  • Spyglass tool with camera
  • Spyglass tools
  • Cases for tools in aluminium

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