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Special spare parts for shock absorbers

shock absorbers

  • Tuning systems with gas/oil
  • Tank kit with gas for external tuning
  • Assembled tubes
  • Screw-taps
  • Eye-connectors
  • Keeping shims
  • USIT shims
  • Threaded USIT shims
  • Joint screws for eye-connectors
  • Eye-connector adapters
  • Screw-tap adapters
  • Threaded extensions
  • Threaded compasses to weld
  • Standard TURN groups
  • Compact TURN groups
  • Forks for motorcycles
  • Complete fork kits
  • Seals for fork kits
  • Dust covers for fork kits
  • Overhauling kit for Fiat 500
  • Euroclass kits for heavy vehicles

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