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W-S0046 EPS-R

Z-36016 (38-R)
  • Honda Jazz 2001-2008
Famiglia e tipologia articolo
Family and product type
1F B3 W-05104 E04 Transistor / Transistors
1F B3 W-05128 E04 Transistor / Transistors
1F C3 W-05128 E04 Transistor / Transistors
1F C2 W-05134 E13 Condensatori / Capacitors
1F A1 W-05140 E13 Condensatori / Capacitors
1F A1 W-05165 E13 Condensatori / Capacitors
1F B2 W-05205 E10 Comparatori di tensione / Voltage comparators
1F C2 W-05207 E13 Condensatori / Capacitors
1R B2 W-05131 E09 Amplificatori operazionali / Operational amplifiers
1R A2 W-05174 E08 EEPROM / EEPROM
2F B3 W-01018 E03 Mosfet / Mosfets
2F C3 W-01018 E03 Mosfet / Mosfets
2R B1 W-01037 E07 Relé / Relays
2R A1 W-05208 E13 Condensatori / Capacitors

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