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Autopromotec Bologna 2019 / new electronic board V-04045

The new electronic board V-04045 is our ultimate solution to rebuild TRW

Due to the ability to get different configurations, this product allows to
replace the original control unit or, after appropriate programming, it can be used in special applications, such as racing or rally cars, hybrid vehicles and several other purposes.

Find out some available versions and related car models here:


The important trade show in Bologna for the European market is upcoming, and we are really pleased to welcome you to our booth at Autopromotec, May 22-26 2019 (Hall 18, booth C6).


V-04027E - New electronic board / Testing Expo China 2018

The new Emmetec electronic board is available for Mercedes A-Class W168 (1997-2004) models. This new board, entirely on an aluminum base, has been designed to guarantee maximum reliability and ease of installation; it just requires a few simple steps,
no adjustments and it is immediately ready to work.


We would like to thank you for the outstanding success of Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt just passed; we hope to double this performance on theupcoming trade show in Shanghai:

We are glad to invite you to visit our booth 1063 at the Testing Expo China in Shanghai, China from 25 to 27 September 2018.



Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

We are glad to invite you to visit our booths at the Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt, Germany from 11 to 15 September 2018.

This year we will exhibit in two different booths: in addition to our usual exhibition space (Hall 3.0 / Booth D01), that this year is much bigger to host our main technologies, we also take part to the Hall of Innovations (Hall 2.0 / Booth A55) with another booth dedicated to our most recent machines and test benches.


Z-15002 Sealing test system

In order to accurately check the repair performed on a hydraulic power steering, in addition to the test processed with our test bench a good practice is also to test the rebuilded units with low pressures and air instead of high pressures and oil. This method can be used for a quick preventive test on a hydraulic power steering as well, provided that using air instead of oil also allows to make a test without getting the product dirty. For this reason we offer a new completely redesigned Z-15002 sealing test system to introduce the new digital control and measurement technology



W-05351 the new practical and complete solution for the replacement of the Fiat Punto 188 1st Series and 2nd Series mosfets that will save you time and simultaneously increase the quality of your rebuilded. Thanks to the new board you will no longer have to replace the 6 mosfets of Punto 188 one by one, but it will be enough to change the two old boards with two new W-05351. For a correct replacement, remember to apply a uniform layer of our thermal paste W-05006 under the two W-05351.


V-04040 / V-04039 Interfaces for TRW pump on Koyo/HPI power steering

These interface modules allow use of a TRW pump on Koyo / HPI hydraulic pump with its own sensor, on models of: Volkswagen Polo 9N, Seat Ibiza 6L, Audi A1 and Skoda Fabia 6Y. With small changes to the hydraulic connections, you will be able to restore the power steering without the needing to replacing the entire hydraulic system. The module is transparent to the pump and the car, requiring no additional configuration, just the classic encoding trough the diagnostic tool, of the TRW pump you are going to install.

V-04040 mounting: Easy and intuitive, the mounting uses the original Koyo / HPI sensor plug connected to its body of the module itself. The outgoing cable is wired with the original TRW plug to connect to the pump. On the body of the module there are two slots which allow the use of screws or clamps to secure it in a suitable position.

V-04039 mounting: Mounting requires modification of the original wiring, cutting and welding the cable from the sensor on the rack and making a wiring to connect the module to the TRW pump, as example using our cables (Z-19624, Z-19625, Z- 19632, Z-19633, Z-19636-40) and connector W-06061 with terminals (3pz) W-6540. You will then have to make a box or other type of insulation to prevent the board from coming into contact with the metal parts of the engine compartment and with water, eg sprayed by the wheels when driving on wet ground.


BMW Mini R50-R52-R53 - Spare parts list

Spare parts list:

V-04029 - Electronic module
The exchange of the complete electronic module with an equivalent spare part, allows a quick and easy repair. We recommend to check / change always together with the electronic module the brush holder (V-04024), the brushes V-03007 / V-03007A) and the rotor (T-00013 o T-00013A).

V-04024 – Brush holder plate with 4 brushes
One of the components which are subject to normal wear is the brushes. Using our brush holder plate the changing is quick and easy. We recommend changing the rotor (T-00013 o T-00013A) as well.

V-03007 / V-03007A - Brush (carbon)
Spare brushes for an economic repair. Mounting these brushes to the original brush holder plate you can receive original functionality. We recommend using new springs (V-03008) and rotor (T-00013 o T-00013A) as well.

T-00013 / T-00013A – Rotor
Another component which is subject to wear is the Rotor. The thickness of copper on the commutator wears from the contact with the brushes. It may seem to be still quite good, but the hours of work require tribute. We recommend changing the brushes (V-04024 o V-03007 / V-03007A) together with the rotor.

V-04038 – Control circuit board
In case of a total defect or particular function problems, you should change the complete circuit board against our equal spare. Our board provides the same functionality as the original board. Please always check first MOSFET and other electronic parts.

V-04037 – Ground plate
You can change the ground plate in case of mechanical / structural defects or bad conditions. It’s possible to mount all other components from the original plate to the new plate.

W-05018 - MOSFET
Quite often, the MOSFET fail with an internal short circuit on pumps with a lot of working hours. A repair can be done by changing these components. Please check always the circuit board and the other electric components as well.

W-06045A and W-06045M – Connector repair-kit
In case a broken connector is the only defect of the pump, our repair kit is a very economic solution. You can recreate the original form and seat for the connector seal and locking.

V-04035 – Filtering circuit board
Corrosion on the circuit board can be cause by humidity entering through broken or connectors or old seals. This circuit board filters the electric power supply. By changing this you can receive the original functionality.

W-05237 - Diode
This component may get damaged by a worn out rotor. The diode protects the electronic against tension peaks. If you find a short circuit on the pump, it could be cause by this diode.

V-03008 – Brush springs
The correct pressure from the brushes to the commutator is reached by these springs. If the pressure is too low, there will be a bad contact, sparks and high brush consume. We recommend to change the springs on every repair and always together if changing if using new brushes or a new rotor.

All those and more spares for the original circuit board can be found in our catalogue. Under: W-S0050 (page 272, catalogue 2016) (online:


NEW MOSFET MODULES W-05338 / W-05339

We are pleased to present the replacement integrated MOSFET modules for the latest generation TRW pumps (Ford Galaxy, Citroen C5, ...). This module, which is 100% compatible with the original, is easy to replace: to mount it uses the original screws and holes already present on the pump's body, the electrical connections are in the same position as the original module. The modules are in the final stages of development and production and there is a limited amount of samples available (currently only for the module with a white cover, p.n: W-05338).

Contact us to get them, try them, and get to know this new repair opportunity!



Test bench Z-27008
Emmetec Z-27008 is a bench that allows to test hydraulic pumps and steering for heavy vehicles. It can execute both manual or automatic tests.
Test bench Z-27009
Emmetec Z-27009 is a machine that can handle a pump on a double circuit and a diesel pump on a third circuit. The three circuits can work independently.

Charging cables for electric vehicles
Emmetec and ORPAV offer these new charging solutions for electric vehicles. Do you need to connect to public charging columns to recharge your hybrid or electric car? Our cables are available with different lenghts to adapt to several different needs, allowing fast or standard charge, and they are compatible with any electric or hybrid vehicle model.



Mosfets pre-assembled on the seating plate
These mosfets may replace single mosfets (which, however, can still be purchased separately), easing and speeding up their installation. This way, client can choose between the two solutions for the repair process. Among the advantages of the pre-assembled mosfets we can highlight speed and ease of their replacement, and most important a pre-assembled product features a potentially better quality compared to manual assemble performed in place. The table above shows a brief compatibility list between mosfets and vechicle models. The new W-05328 is the only item suitable to be mounted on Fiat Stilo 1st generation.

Undersized seals
When power steering racks are particularly worn out and eventually show rust, you can rectify them removing material for 0.5mm or 1mm. After this work, the standard parts will no longer fit to be mounted on these racks as they are larger than the rod. It is therefore necessary to replace them with others with a smaller inner diameter than the original version. Emmetec therefore proposes bushes and seals in the two versions:
X = -0.5mm compared to the original red (backring and bush)
XX = -1mm compared to the original blue (backring and bush)

With the production of these undersized items, you can efficiently overhaul racks which should be otherwise thrown away, with higher costs for garages both for disposal and the repair pocess itself.





Autopromotec Bologna 2019 / new electronic board V-04045

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V-04027E - New electronic board / Testing Expo China 2018

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Neuheiten & Veranstaltungen


Autopromotec Bologna 2019 / new electronic board V-04045

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V-04027E - New electronic board / Testing Expo China 2018

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