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Your best partner for the EPS remanufacturing, presents the best offer of torque sensors.

Knowing that the 85% of problems on EPS, are generated by the Torque Sensors, we are proud to offer an excellent tool for your business.
A range of over 28 applications, the best technical support and the best Quality / Price!

For the specification of distributed torque sensors, see PDF file.
Download latest EPS catalogue updates.


99-830 - New kit to check integrity of air springs

The brand-new Emmetec kit 99-830 helps to understand if an air spring is working properly on the shock absorber it is mounted on. Kit contains all tools to pressurize the most common air springs, immerse them and check any bubble formation. This way, you are able to prevent many returns under warranty, improving overall customer satisfaction.


New videos for Vinci, Precisao and Z-27002 with controlling pulpit

We have filmed three new presentation videos of our professional machines, with in-depth images and descriptions.

  • Vinci: introducing the new patented Vinci product line to test EPS-C (electric columns), EPS-P (electric pumps) and EPS-R (electric racks);
  • Precisao Meravigliao: the revolutionary bench that allows to test open shock absorbers;
  • Pump bench with controlling pulpit: a new way to test hydraulic pumps with a dedicated pulpit (Z-27300).

All videos are now available in the download area.

IMPORTANT! Videos are accessible only by registered users: if you do not have your password yet, request it now!


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