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Z-25302 - Vinci Light available from August 2020

The new light control pulpit allows to verify the EPS connecting them with standard Vinci cables; the bench can activate them and, through the OBD port, it allows to perform the diagnosis. It does not allow testing and generating reports.

Voltage: 230Vac ± 10%, 1 fase (1L + N+ PE)
Maximum consumption: 1KW
Machine management: Industrial PC with integrated 10"
"Software" links to the outside. Lan (RJ-45), USB (2x rear, 1x front)
Dimensions (height, width, depth) cm: 120 x 60 x60
Weight kg: 100
Battery 12V: Not present, not necessary
12V power supply: Present (50A)
Wiring for test: Vinci standard cables
OBD socket for diagnosis: Present
Parameters displayed: Voltage (V) and consumption (A) of the EPS
Test mode: Activation of the EPS (C-R-P)
Automatic test: Not present
Effort test: Non present
Test report: Not present
Software update: Yes, through internet, at the customer's comand
Teleservice: Yes

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W-05548 and W-05549 new relays will be available soon 2024

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Cables for rack sensors

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