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Through the power supply 99-969 it is possible to select (and vary) a voltage, which through the appropriate cables 99-969 A / B / C / D / E / F / G can be sent to the shock absorber. It is thus possible to connect the power supply to any type of adjustable shock absorber:

  • B.stein ADS
  • B.stein Damp Tronic Sky
  • Monroe CVSA
  • BWI Magnaride

If you install the shock absorber on the test bench and set a fixed speed test (for example 130mm/s), by varying only the applied voltage, you can see different Force / Displacement diagrams. In this way, is possible to understand perfectly how an electronic adjustment system works and if the shock absorber works correctly or not. In addition, it is useful to be able to open and close the control valve during purging to ensure that all trapped air escapes, especially on the B.stein ADS and Damp Tronic Sky models.

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W-05548 and W-05549 new relays will be available soon 2024

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Cables for rack sensors

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