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Mercedes Benz ML-Class W164 Airmatic Rear remanufacturing

The Airmatic suspension is equipped with B.stein ADS shock absorber, high pressurized.
The most common problems and their solutions are:

Oil leaking from the oil-seal
Solve the problem replacing the whole guide:
use the kit 95-605 if you prefer to weld a manifold into the body of the shock using the Mangusta
or 95-607 if you prefer to weld a manifold around the body of the shock using the Mangusta
or 95-608 if you prefer to use the lathe machine to thread the body.

Noise because oil and gas foaming
Solve the problem with the separator-kit
40-745A Replacing the o-ring of the separator, oil and gas will mix anymore.

Noise because teflon band clearance
Solve the problem with a thicker teflon band

Following tools are suggested
98-572 46mm cutter
98-626 Conical cutter
98-549 Tool for 40-756A
98-549A 98-549 spare parts
98-575 Separator positioner
96-131 Screw-tap
96-436 Centering device
98-546 Bleeder
98-530 Bleeder

Warrant the Quality of your job with our testers:
99-969 Electronic regulation tester
99-954 Dyno / Testing bench

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W-05548 and W-05549 new relays will be available soon 2024

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Cables for rack sensors

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