Quick reference to power brake booster repair

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In most cases repairing power brake booster just means working on two main components, which cause the majority of issues: depressioner and brake pump. The former is normally installed only on Diesel vehicles, as suction created by engine is not sufficient to ensure the necessary depression, while on vehicles using regular gasoline air is taken directly from aspiration collector.

There are some techniques to discover in which of the two components there may be a fail; firstly, using Emmetec vacuum measurer, we can understand whether there is a correct pressure or not (it should always be between -0,8 and -1 bars); if there is a different pressure, there may be a problem with the depressioner. A problem may affect depressioner also in case you find engine oil inside: this problem commonly occurs on Diesel vehicles and infact it is the most frequent cause of malfunction.

On the contrary, if you find oil for brakes, it is very likely that you have a problem with brake pump. In this case, it is very important to promptly inform the owner of the vehicle and supply him all the necessary documentation as set by law.

Once you have identified the source of the problem, you can pass to reparation, and here we suggest you to take care of the following two aspects:

  • we reccomend to use diesel oil, but avoiding to keep the item constantly inside the liquid; afterwards, we suggest to rinse with water;
  • always use «Lecca-Lecca» Emmetec, which allows you to identify possible micro-cuts around membrane corners.

In order to obtain the best repair, we highly recommend to use our specific test bench for power brake booster (code Z-23100), whose introductory description can be found on page 59.

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