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Emmetec compression adjusting system

Emmetec presents the new compression adjusting systems, suitable to make new racing shock absorbers or to modify the current ones. Depending on the final applications, they may be customized.


  • 94-972 - outer canister + separator
  • 94-974 - inner canister + separator
  • 94-973 - outer canister + bladder
  • 94-975 - inner canister + bladder

Adjusting system

1. Low speeds: through a pin (5) into an idle jet (14)
2. High speeds: through the pre-load of a wavy spring (12) Standard or Reinforced (94-960) on a shim-stack.

See example

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W-05548 and W-05549 new relays will be available soon 2024

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Cables for rack sensors

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